Ring OBells



West Country Skittles is probably the most popular and basic version of the game, and is the fore-runner of Ten Pin Bowling. In the traditional skittles game nine pins are arranged in a “diamond” at the end of the alley so that the sides of the diamond are diagonal to the edges of the alley. Our alley is around 50 feet long from the bowling line to the first pin on the tip of the diamond.

Each turn (known as a “hand”) starts with all the skittle pins standing and consists of three throws down the alley. If all the pins are knocked down within the first or second throw, then they are all reset. So the maximum score in one “hand” is 27. In the version of the game played here a match consists of six hands, so that the possible maximum score in a game is 162 ! Currently however the record score on our alley for an individual player in a match stands at 79 so it is not as easy as it looks or sounds !

There are however variations in these rules in different areas (in the Bridgwater League for instance, seven hands are played), and there is no standard length or width for the alleys.Skittles in this area is organised into leagues, and we have four men’s teams and three ladies teams in the Winter leagues, along with two mixed teams in the Summer league. Additionally the pub has its own Five-a-Side summer league, which is still going strong after 23 years. See under Latest News for details and updates on this league when it is operational (May to July). 

To view the websites of our local skittles leagues (Street and District Men’s Skittles League and Avalon Ladies’ League) please visit our “Links” page. This may all sound a bit serious but for those wishing to play “just for fun”, the room can also be booked for private skittles parties or matches. Please contact us for more information.